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Down South NZ is a passionate and dedicated source to everything there is to know about Otago. Down South has a vision to reinvigorate the Otago area, not only the bigger areas like Queenstown, Dunedin and Wanaka, but also present what rural Otago has to offer too. By coming together and creating a unique online community showcasing events, activities and retail experiences, we want locals and visitors alike to fall in love with Otago.

Getting in touch is easy and we are more than happy to chat to you about opportunities¬†within our site. We’re open to everything from the likes of reviews, giveaways, events as well as including you in our more creative posts such as here and here.

If you would like to submit articles to Down South NZ, such as for our community notices or just your own pieces of writing about bits and pieces of Otago, definitely contact us as we would love to post your work – with full credit given of course.

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